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Lisa Doney

What do these codes mean?


CTC - I am a Certified Travel Counsellor! (CTC)

You have wisely chosen to book your

Travel services with the best the travel industry has to offer!


I have followed a course of professional development consisting of attendance at seminars and workshops, the acquisition of industry experience and the receipt of a passing grade on the National Travel Industry Standards Examination.

 Upon completing the requirements, I was awarded the CTC designation.



·         Specialize in your dream fulfillment

·         Offer multi-price & multi-airline comparisons to save you time & money

·         Search for the best available prices for all of your travel components

·         Research options, destinations and entry requirements

·         Show you all the costs of travel – NO HIDDEN CHARGES

·         Listen to and accommodate your travel needs

·         Create a personal file of your likes and dislikes, preferences & special needs



Certified Travel Consultants differentiate themselves from the masses selling travel.

 Ensure that you get the most out of your travel experience.

 Book your travel with a Certified Travel Consultant


Accredited Cruise Counsellor (ACC) -
Similar to a Bachelors Degree in cruising


Master Cruise Counsellor (MCC) -
Similar to a Masters Degree in cruising.

CSS - What is a Certified Sandals Specialist (CSS)?

Today's travelers have a higher expectation of their travel agents.

In response, Travel Agents are growing more specialized and focused on reliable and desirable destinations such as Sandals and Beaches Resorts. A Certified Sandals Specialist specializes in Selling Sandals and Beaches Resorts. These Travel Agents, and their respective agencies, not only receive recognition from Sandals as a "loyal" educated partner, but also from the travel industry as Sandals "experts." The Certified Sandals Specialist Travel Agent has undergone a required and extensive training through our education program. A "CSS", as commonly known in the travel industry, has committed to selling the Sandals and Beaches products and has acquired up to 12 hours of product knowledge through a special Ultra Sandals Training Workshop.

The Certified Sandals Specialist Travel Agent is not only knowledgeable on all aspects of the Sandals and Beaches products, but has also been to some, if not all, of the Sandals and Beaches properties. Their insight plays an important role in assisting you make the right choice when selecting one of our Sandals or Beaches properties.

Certified Sandals Specialist Travel Agents are required to attend workshop updates every year in order to maintain their certification as Certified Sandals Specialists.

Tailor your honeymoon or vacation getaway to your lifestyle and desires


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About is the bridge connecting consumers with experienced, knowledgeable travel professionals. Our large membership base allows us to provide you with better deals and better tailored experiences than you could find elsewhere.

Travelers come to travel professionals because they know we love seeing the world as much as you do, if not more so. And that adventuresome spirit is contagious. One trip can lead to another. A random destination becomes a recurring special event. Plans are made months in advance. Other times, inspiration hits overnight. Regardless of when it happens, what’s important to remember is that travel professionals are there to ensure you make the most of your vacation time. By being informed and up-to-date on the latest deals and exciting destinations, our members are equipped to help you make the best travel decisions. This is more than a job for our travel agents. It’s a passion with a purpose.

We are very proud of our company and the wealth of knowledge that our staff combines to serve you better.  Please do not hesitate to contact any of our team to help you plan your next vacation getaway.


Our Office Staff

Tamara Ryan CTC CSS, Director

Jacqueline Walsh MCC CTC CSS, Director

Lisa Doney CSS, Travel Professional

Amy Jonker CSS, Travel Professional

Paige Foster, Travel Professional

Sylvia Meier, Travel Professional 


Our Independent Contractors

Jeff Tierney ACC Travel Specialist

Judi Meadows -Travel Specialist

Kelly Bullen CTC Travel Specialist

Ali Carr Travel Specialist

Amy Simpson Travel Specialist  

Susan Eldridge -Travel Specialist

Wanda Robertson -Travel Specialist

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